Kids matter at Pasison Church. Our children’s ministry is devoted to creating interactive learning experiences that awaken children’s desire for the presence and power of God in their lives.

Your children will build great friendships and have the time of their life! Our highly qualified staff will make them feel right at home.

Our curriculum teaches children about God’s Word and His unfailing love. They learn how to live for Christ in an age-appropriate way.

Starting with infants and toddlers, Christ's love for children is demonstrated by providing a safe and clean environment in which the children can sing and play. 

Two- and three-year-olds begin learning Bible stories, as well as the concepts of friendship and helping by observing the actions of their teacher. 

Four- and five-year-olds expand their Bible knowledge during group programs that include relevant Bible teaching, creative drama, and high-energy music. 

From kindergarten through fifth grade, children continue to apply the Bible directly to their lives. They often participate in role-plays and "What would you do?" discussions in small groups.

We provide full children’s ministry at our weekend services.