Passion Leadership College is a world-class leadership development center located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Our vision is to equip servant-leaders to transform every sphere of society.

Program Outcomes:

There are ten desired outcomes for leaders who complete our 3-year Internship program. After successfully completing our 3-year program, they will have:

  1. A personal relationship with God
  2. Christ-like character and spiritual maturity
  3. The ability to lead churches and ministries
  4. The ability to cast vision
  5. The ability to study, interpret, and teach God’s Word
  6. The ability to make disciples
  7. The ability to develop leaders
  8. The ability to build and lead teams
  9. The ability to make good decisions
  10. A spirit of excellence

Certificate of Leadership (32 credits):

The first-year program gives students a foundation in biblical servant-leadership. Students will learn how to grow in their relationship with God, study and interpret the Bible, preach, evangelize, make disciples, and recruit and develop leaders.

Diploma of Leadership (64 credits):

The second-year program builds on the first-year program and helps students grow and mature as Christ-followers and as servant-leaders.

Advanced Diploma of Leadership (96 credits):

The third-year program helps students specialize in the area of leadership they feel called to serve in. Students can choose from 6 different majors:

  1. Pastoral Leadership
  2. Media
  3. Worship Ministry
  4. Student Ministry
  5. Children's Ministry

Passion Leadership College is a private college. It is not accredited or licensed as a degree-granting institution.

Pastors Brian and Mercy Alarid are the Founders of Passion Leadership College and the Lead Pastors of Passion Church.

President: Brian Alarid, M.A.

Pastor Brian Alarid is the President of Passion Leadership College. Brian has over 16 years of experience in starting, leading, and overseeing Bible colleges all around the world. He has trained thousands of leaders in many nations, including Italy, Switzerland, Germany, India, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

Brian has a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University and a Bachelor's degree in Theology. He  is a also member of the University of New Mexico's part-time adjunct faculty in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Vice-President of Academic Affairs: Mercy Alarid, M.Ed.

Pastor Mercy Alarid is the Vice-President of Academic Affairs. She has over 14 years of experience in college administration, adult and bilingual education, curriculum development, and college instruction.

Mercy has a Master's degree in Education from Regent University, and is in the process of completing her Doctorate degree in Education. Mercy is a member of the Central New Mexico Community College faculty in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she is an instructor in the Education department.

2012-2013 Calendar



Spring 2013 Semester


Thursday, January 10 Orientation and Start of semester

Thursday, February 14 Spring Break

Thursday, March 28 Easter Break

Saturday, April 13, 1-5 pm Student sermons

Thurs & Fri, May 23-24 Spiritual Renewal Retreat

Friday, May 31 End of semester / final papers due

Sunday, June 9 Graduation



A Year at a Glance


January Spring Semester Begins

April Passion Church Conference

May Spiritual Renewal Retreat

June Graduation



2013 Courses


Spring 2013 Class Schedule (16 credits)


  • Orientation | Thursday, January 10 at 6:30 pm
  • Practical Ministry 302 | Spring Semester - 3 credits
  • Life of Christ | Mercy Alarid | January 17 to February 7 - 3 credits
  • Spring Break| February 14
  • Interpersonal Relationships | Brian Alarid | February 21 to March 14 - 3 credits
  • Easter Break| March 28
  • Preaching 301 | Mercy Alarid | March 21 to April 11 - 3 credits
  • Preaching Practicum| Saturday 1-5 pm, April 13 (student sermons)
  • Holy Spirit | Brian Alarid | April 18 to May 16 - 3 credits
  • Passion Church Conference | Brian Alarid | Friday-Sunday, April 26-28 - 1 credits
  • Spiritual Renewal Retreat | Brian Alarid & Mercy Alarid | Thursday-Friday, May 23-24 - 1 credits
  • End of Semester | Friday, May 31
  • Graduation | Sunday 11 am, June 9, 2013



Class Information



Class Times: Tuesday 6:30-8:45 pm

6:30 – 7:30 Chapel: worship & prayer

7:30 – 8:45 Class Instruction



Class Location




Childcare will not be provided for classes. Interns with children are responsible to secure childcare themselves. Passion can recommend some trustworthy babysitters.




Tuition and Fees

Application fee:

$25.00 Non-refundable (One-time fee)

Semester Registration fees:

$25.00 per semester (Fall and Spring)

Graduation fee:


Audit students:

$25.00 per course

For-credit students:

$30.00 per credit hour ($90 for 3-credit hour course)

Online students:

Same fees apply to online students. There is an additional $50.00 technology fee per semester.


$1,000.00 Fall Semester

$1,000.00 Spring Semester


Textbooks are not included in tuition fees. Students are required to purchase the textbooks for each course and complete the assigned readings for each course. Most of the textbooks can be purchased used from for a fraction of the list price.

Mission Trips:

Students are responsible for the full cost of any mission trips or class trips.

Payment Policy:

Interns must pay for each semester in full by the first day of the semester.


Students may Audit courses for $25.00 per course. They can participate in the classes, but do not have to submit the homework. Students will not receive any credit for auditing courses.

Payment Plans:

Students can talk to the Financial Advisor about payment plans if they cannot afford to pay for the semester in full. Any payment plans would have to be approved by the Financial Advisor.

Refund Policy:

Please see the Student Catalog for information on our Refund Policy.

Passion Church Ministry Scholarship:

Students who qualify for the Passion Ministry Scholarship will only be required to pay 10% of the tuition costs plus full application fee and full graduation fee. Passion Church will cover the 90% of their tuition expenses.


For the 2011-2012 school year, that amounts to $425 total for new interns: $300 tuition, $25 application fee, $25 fall semester registration fee, $25 spring semester registration fee, and $50 graduation fee. And $400 for returning interns.


To qualify, students must be active members of Passion Church in good standing and already be actively serving in ministry at Passion Church.

Download the Application packet (below under Downloads), complete it, and mail it to:

Passion Leadership College
P.O. Box 65858
Albuquerque, NM 87193


EMAIL: Email us at for more information.

PHONE: Call us at 505.897.2232 for more information.

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