You Gotta’ Date Your Mate…

You Gotta’ Date Your Mate…

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The #1 reason couples should have a weekly date without their kids is this: If you date your mate, then you get to mate your date. Just keeping it real!

One of the secrets to keeping romance alive in a marriage is a weekly date. Mercy and I have had a weekly date night for sixteen years. After daily prayer, that is the main reason our marriage is strong and thriving. Before couples get married, they find the time and money to go out on dates as often as they want. Yet for many couples, a weekly date is no longer a priority after they tie the knot.

It’s not enough to find your mate and get married. You have to continue to date your mate to keep the embers of love burning brightly. If you are married, you can’t afford not to go on a weekly date with your spouse. It’s the best investment of time and money you can make in your marriage.

For most of our 16-year marriage, Monday nights have been our dedicated date night. We guard our date nights like the crown jewels in Buckingham Palace. Unless one of us is deathly sick, we don’t miss date night. And I have to warn you—should you ever try to interrupt our date, I will be forced to unleash some of my secret kung fu moves on you. Sure…you’re laughing now, but you won’t be when I put you in the Wuxi Finger Hold!

Date night is my favorite time of the week. I love that time with Mercy more than preaching, leading, or anything else I do. I would love to tell you that all of our dates the past sixteen years have been magical, but then I would have to repent for lying. But come on, even Babe Ruth only hit a home run once every ten times he went to the plate!

Love is a mysterious thing. It needs time and opportunity to work its magic. Not all of our dates have been fairy tale moments, but carving out time to be alone as a couple has fanned the flame of our love for each other. Sometimes we’ve fought on our dates. Other times we’ve been so upset at each other we barely talked the whole evening. But we have also had our fair share of amazing dates as well.

I’ll never forget this one time when we were so poor all we could afford for date night was one large order of French fries at McDonald’s and two free waters. And that was after combing through every square inch of our beat-up 1987 Cadillac Brougham to find enough spare change.    In spite of my mathematical prowess, somehow I had miscalculated the cost including tax. We were short by eight cents. Are you kidding me… eight pennies short?

We couldn’t afford an apple pie, so we had to eat humble pie instead. Mercifully, the drive-through operator felt sorry for us. He just shook his head in disbelief, pulled a dime out of his pocket, and made up the difference for us. We were so desperate for money, I momentarily thought about asking him if we could keep the change.

We drove off to a nearby park and got as close to each other as we possibly could without embarrassing the people walking by. We shared our large fries, dipped them in barbecue sauce, drank our free waters, and dreamed of better days. We joked about the day when we would be so rich we could afford two large fries and two large drinks! To this day, that night was one of our favorite dates of all time.

So where are you going for date night this week?

Celebrating marriage,

Brian Alarid

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Brian Alarid is the Lead Pastor of Passion Church and President of Passion Leadership College. He has a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, and a Bachelor's degree in Theology. Brian has been married to Mercy for 16years and they reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico with their 3 children: Chloe, Colin, and Lauren.

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