Passion Church is a media-oriented church with a mandate from God to shout His fame to the ends of the earth, and to make a lasting impact on our community, nation, and world.

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  • How can I Become A Worshiper?
    How can I Become A Worshiper? I love to worship Jesus and naturally worship Christ every day. When I worship my Lord I feel strength. I wan ...
  • The Word that Trumps Depression
    Depression is real, painful and debilitating! The death of Robin Williams reminds me that there are too many people suffering silently with ...
  • Integrity establishes your ministry or business
    Integrity establishes your ministry or business; and by the same token, a lack of integrity will ultimately cause your ministry or business ...
  • World Vision
    World Vision backtracks and decides not to hire people in same-sex marriages. Was this due to the realization they were about lose millions ...
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