How can I Become A Worshiper?

How can I Become A Worshiper?

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How can I Become A Worshiper?

I love to worship Jesus and naturally worship Christ every day. When I worship my Lord I feel strength. I want to encourage you to find strength in Christ through daily worship.

I know that many of us are busy throughout the day. We may have to attend to work, school, errands, relationships, health, and on and on. We all have places to go and things to do, but let's not let business or busyness discourage us as believers in Jesus Christ or throw us off course from our spiritual journey.

Now you may say, I'm too busy to worship The Lord EVERYDAY. That's what the Sabbath, or Sunday, or my weekly church attendance is for.

Followers of Jesus can and should be worshipers of Jesus Christ. Worship is Active. It can be done silently in our mind, as well as, expressively sounding.

Acts 16:14 tells us about a woman who is a worshiper. But not just any woman... I say she was a busy woman, the bible says she was a business woman. Some say she was a successful sales woman. The Bible even tells us that her name is Lydia and states that Lydia is a worshiper.

If the Bible labels someone as a worshiper, I'm pretty positive that it's not because the person worships 1 time a week, or 2 times a year: Christmas & Easter.

If my kids only seen me 2- 3 minutes everyday, would they call me Mom? Gladly, that's not the case!

If I happened to hit a grand slam one breezy Saturday while playing with my 4 & 6 year olds, would the news spread like rapid fire and everyone who knows me call me Kristi Gonzales, Hall of Famer, T-Ball Star of the World? Highly unlikely.

It takes more than 2 minutes a day to be labeled Mom. It takes more than a one time instance, or a few small contributions to cash in on a million dollar label. Just like it takes more than a Sunday morning 90 minute meeting to be labeled "Worshiper".

The Lord wants us to know that IT IS absolutely POSSIBLE to have a name by which we go by, a name we answer to, a business, family, classroom, that we strive in and be multi-labeled "_____ (fill in the blank)-Worshiper" of God Almighty. Example, Kristi Gonzales, Worshiper-Hall-of-Famer-T-Ball-Star-of-the-World"

I challenge us to be who we are & do what we do in life AS worshipers of Christ Jesus our King. That means in all we do as a WORSHIPER... We do it with strength. We love our family strongly, we work strongly, we study strongly, we serve our church and community strongly, we play T-ball strongly... As worshipers.

"Religion does not call us from our business in the world, but directs us in it. Every thing in its time and place." -Matthew Henry

Earlier I stated that I naturally worship everyday and that's because it is a habit I developed shortly after I completely wholeheartedly surrendered my life to Jesus 17 years ago. Today I live Not Perfectly, but STRONGLY.

If you need direction in this world and strength to live in this world, surrender to Jesus. Tell Jesus, "I believe you died on the cross to forgive me of my sins and you are alive today. I give You my heart, come into my life. Amen." Then start your habit to worship God and break your habits of self-worship.

If I can pray for you in any way, please let me know.

With Love, Kristi

"This piece was written by Pastor Kristi Gonzales and it blessed me so much I decided to include it in our blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did."

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    Author: cbheineckeCarla

    I am inspired by this blog to worship more often! I so appreciate the depth of meaning by Kristi's words of her personal journey of worship. It sounds like everyone should be doing matter how busy we are!


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