Praise Break

Praise Break

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Thankfulness is the quickest path into God’s presence. God simply can’t resist thankful people. Don’t you get tired of people who only come to you when they need something or have a problem or complaint? God feels the same way.

Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!” — Psalm 95:2 (ESV)

Don’t start out your time with God by making requests or complaints. Begin by thanking Him for who He is and for everything He has done for you. Not only will it draw God’s attention, but it will instantly change your perspective on life.

What do I thank Him for? Thank God for another day to serve Him. Thank God for your family—your spouse, your children, your parents, your grandchildren, your siblings. Thank God for His provision in your life. Thank God that you found a good blog to help you grow in your relationship with Him!

Thanking God is not only the fastest way into God’s presence; it is also the best way to forget about your problems. When you begin thanking God for all He has done, your focus will shift from what you do not have to what you do have, and that changes everything.

Now that you are in your dedicated placed, at the appointed time, and you have prepared your heart to seek God, begin thanking God.

Take a break for few minutes and thank God out loud. Go ahead, get your praise on! I promise you this riveting blog will still be here when you’re done. Come on, don’t be bashful.

>>> 3-minute praise break >>>

Wasn’t that powerful? Perhaps a bit awkward at first it you are not accustomed to it, but powerful nonetheless. (Now if you did this at Starbucks…just imagine how awkward it was for everyone else!)

The more you thank God it, the easier it will become. And before you can figure out when or how it happened, you will be a thankful person. You will find yourself thanking God all throughout the day without even thinking about it. Thankfulness will become second nature to you. How cool is that?

Celebrating life,

Brian Alarid

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Brian Alarid
Brian Alarid is the Lead Pastor of Passion Church and President of Passion Leadership College. He has a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, and a Bachelor's degree in Theology. Brian has been married to Mercy for 16years and they reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico with their 3 children: Chloe, Colin, and Lauren.

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