The Wish of a Captive

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I wish the Bible were banned in America

I wish it were kept from our eyes

Forgive me Christian if I offend you

Pardon my honesty but check it for size

I heard of a man who lives overseas

No freedom to worship

But still on his knees

He writes about fear,

He journals the pain

He risks all he has

For the hope we disdain

From Genesis to Apocalypse

His words still proclaim

Freedom for the captives

Healing for the lame!

How is it then that the free despise

What the captive dies to gain?

And the brave dare to scorn

What the lame gave their limbs to obtain?

The nameless treasure those words

More than their freedom

Even their health

While we retain both

And lose our true wealth

Oh hear me loudly, hear me clear

I wish it were banned in my country

I wish we could no longer hear

Its sounds over the airwaves

Free of charge, free of fear

Maybe then we would miss them

Miss them deeply

Miss them fierce

Maybe then we would live them

In honor of the One we’ve pierced

The excerpts we remember

Our sweetest occupation

The words we’ve forgotten

The pursuit of a humbled nation

I’ve spoken rashly, this I know well
I’m fond of our freedom
And won’t bid it farewell
I find it my duty, my honor my call
To plead for this country, this land and us all
In the land of the free
Give us the heart of the captive
In the home of the brave
Grant us the soul of the slave

To die if we must
At the hands of great sorrow
Or dignify freedom
By the precepts we follow!

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Mercy Alarid
Mercy Alarid is the Creative Arts Pastor of Passion Church. Mercy has a Master's degree in Education. Mercy is a member of the faculty of Central New Mexico Community College, where she is an instructor in the Education department. Mercy has been married to Brian for 17 years and they reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico with their 3 children: Chloe, Colin, and Lauren.
  1. Date: June 21, 2011
    Author: Mari Jackson

    Wow Mercy! I believe that truly reflects the hidden heart of most Christians. This is really good!

    • Date: July 11, 2011
      Author: Mercy Alarid

      THanks Mari! I love the Word!

  2. Date: June 22, 2011
    Author: Cruz

    Oh hear me loudly hear me clear In honor of the One we've pierced.While you have breath in your nostrils never stop articulating the Gospel.

    • Date: July 11, 2011
      Author: Mercy Alarid

      Thank you Cruz. I won't. It's like a fire in my bones:)

  3. Date: May 7, 2013
    Author: Lilliana

    oh my gosh this is amazing!!!!!!! (:


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